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Wheels of Soul, West Philadelphia

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when snape realizes he’s dying he doesn’t care, in fact he’s happy because he knows in just a moment he’ll see lily again

but to his great dismay he’s greeted instead by none other than james potter

who promptly envelopes him in an awkward but genuine hug and says with a hoarse voice, “thank you for taking care of my son”

#and then lily shouts from off in the distance   #’BUT YOU DIDNT HAVE TO TREAT HIM LIKE SHIT YOU PIECE OF TRASH’

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no but imagine

Harry Potter as a tv show

sort of like Game of Thrones

where each season is a book

and each episode is a chapter

everything could be fleshed out

we would have everyone’s back story

and we would have HUNDREDS of hours of Harry Potter material

No but i want this so bad its not a joke

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There’s been a lot of discussion about how Carlos is being kind of irresponsible and selfish by not looking for the Doors… but I’m more inclined to believe that Carlos has been looking for the Doors, and there just aren’t any Doors left to find. So Carlos babbles on about Science instead of admitting this to Cecil, because he can’t bear to worry Cecil with the thought that he might be stuck in the desert forever.

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Psychopathy Is the Result of “Nature” (Genetics) While Sociopathy Is the Result of “Nurture” (Environment)


Psychopathy and sociopathy are two related concepts so before we plunge into explaining their connections to genetics and the environment, you need to have a general understanding of what they are and how they are different. These two terms are often used interchangeably and you may find that not all definitions are the same. Generally speaking, however, these are traits they share and the ones that differentiate them from each other.

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even the prettiest flower can be poisonous (x)

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Cykeem White as Achilles and Sebastian de Souza as Patroclus

"Name one hero who was happy. You can’t."
"I can’t."
"I’m going to be the first. Swear it."
"Why me?"
"Because you’re the reason. Swear it."